Friday, November 30, 2012

Scooby-Doo: A Gritty Noir Reboot. Part One

The Door Reads "Mystery Inc."  All but one name has been scratched off the glass.
Norville Rogers awoke in his desk around noon.  He had passed out in his desk chair again.  Its not like he had anywhere else to go, as he had been evicted from his apartment.  So the choices are sleep in the VW van outside, or be warm in his office.
He choked down some asprin and took a long look in the mirror.  He almost didn't recognize himself anymore.  A five o'clock shadow, and his disheveled hair...not been cut in a while, had become rather shaggy.
Norville heard his dog walking towards him.  He shut his eyes tight..."Please not today" he thought.
Still, his dog Scooby looked at him, tilted his head, Norville could hear the voice plain as day in his head "Rello"  He must be going insane.
"Come on Scooby, lets get you some breakfast."  Went to the kitchen and poured the dog some treats in to a bowl, as he had ran out of dog food.  The rest of the cupboards were bare as well, so Rogers decided to eat some of the dog snacks as well.
As he walked back to his desk, he noticed the red light flashing on his phone.  A voice mail.  Could it be work?  Probably another bill collector.  He picked up the headset, and dialed the voice mail number.
"Hey buddy, we've got a job that would be great for you to work with us on.  You could bring your friend if you like." Norville looked over at his dog, and winced.  It was Fred.  Everything great happened to Fred.  He was great at sports, he married the rich prom queen Daphne.  His business didn't go down the toilet.  "Its a great paying job." The voice mail continued. "Franklin Harbin of Harbin Industries needs us to investigate some strange goings on, you know...the usual...Just give me a shout...we...we miss you buddy."  Norville slammed the phone down.   If Velma had called, he would have no hesitation on going.  Velma was always there for him.  When on investigations, when the team decided to split up, Velma always wanted to be on his team.  Maybe she pitied him.