Friday, July 15, 2011

Waking up Cheap

My brother said something the other day that I've been thinking quite a bit about lately.  "Damn, you're cheap"
It was in reference to that I very rarely update car tags.  I don't generally care to stand in line and pay 50 dollars for that nonsense.  I once drove a car with tags that were four years and one state out of date.
But it really made me look at other things, and wonder "am I really cheap?"
I buy bottom shelf whiskey that comes in a green label.  When I buy beers, they're usually Natural Light or Miller High Life.  Not for hipster or ironic reasons, but because I think they taste good, and are inexpensive.
I shop for clothes in the clearance section at Target.  Sometimes the gap.
I turn off lights and shut off rooms that don't need air conditioning.
I wear clothes and shoes until they're destroyed.
I bought my bicycle from a pawn shop.
I've started to cut my own hair.
I buy sunglasses from the gas station or a street vendor.
I've got a non smart cell phone.  The outside is messed up, so I put a van's sticker on it.
I never pay full price for video games.  As i trade in, and get great deals (L.A. Noire for $8 dollars)
So, am I cheap, or just thrifty?