Waking up Cheap

My brother said something the other day that I've been thinking quite a bit about lately.  "Damn, you're cheap"
It was in reference to that I very rarely update car tags.  I don't generally care to stand in line and pay 50 dollars for that nonsense.  I once drove a car with tags that were four years and one state out of date.
But it really made me look at other things, and wonder "am I really cheap?"
I buy bottom shelf whiskey that comes in a green label.  When I buy beers, they're usually Natural Light or Miller High Life.  Not for hipster or ironic reasons, but because I think they taste good, and are inexpensive.
I shop for clothes in the clearance section at Target.  Sometimes the gap.
I turn off lights and shut off rooms that don't need air conditioning.
I wear clothes and shoes until they're destroyed.
I bought my bicycle from a pawn shop.
I've started to cut my own hair.
I buy sunglasses from the gas station or a street vendor.
I've got a non smart cell phone.  The outside is messed up, so I put a van's sticker on it.
I never pay full price for video games.  As i trade in, and get great deals (L.A. Noire for $8 dollars)
So, am I cheap, or just thrifty?


  1. Well we drink PBR, considerably heaper than Miller High Life and got LA Noire for free because of credits from Amazon for all the cheap deals we partake in for things we need. I alos have stickers (a few Vans, but mostly DIckies and band stickers)on the plastic drawers I use for storage in my closet and office rather than buying a nice closet system. So I guess we're kind of cheap as well. And even though I love to shop, I always shop thifty and get a lot for my money. Guess I don't have a choice with this mortgage and car note. We're house/car/renovation poor these days!

  2. Sounds like we're in the same boat. Well, save for Car/Renovation. I don't have either one of those payments right now.


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