Stream of Consciousness for 4/22/11

I believe this will be a new feature, every Friday.

Its 8:43 a.m., and Duhbbs has already disappeared from sight twice.  Note to self; may need to get her a collar with a bell on it.

Seeing as how Pandora and Last.FM have not pleased me with their music choices for me, I've had to bring in a ringer, my iPod.

Why is it OK for men to be shirtless and have nipples about, but not women?  Balls and Vagajiz, I get, but someone can get away with the whole boob exposed, save for the nipple.  That's just dumb.

What is it about superglue that anytime I use it, I get about 1/2 the tube on my hands?  Its like I have an extra layer of skin that I could grab a hot iron with right now.  I had to use the superglue, because my new bicycle mount for my iPod has a design flaw in it.  When i hit the first major bump on my way to work, both the mount and the iPod went sailing.  Not sure why it was designed like this.  Its built so the mount is secure to the bike, but you can clip part of it off to carry this cumbersome ass piece around.  That just doesn't make the least bit of sense.  Hopefully the superglue is working its magic.

Forgot that I was listening to a Nerdist podcast on my way to work this morning.  If I stop it now, I'll have to restart it later.  Fuck it, I'll go back to you Pandora...for now.

Superglue is starting to peel off my hands.  I feel like a leper.

Its now Friday, and no mention from my parents about Church on Sunday.  And I've talked to them multiple times this week...have I succeeded in my mission?

Thank Christ the lady who was supposed to be off today, decided to come on in.  I don't know how I would have handled working with Duhbbs all day long by myself.  I probably would have to call the ABC store for a delivery.

Decided to do a character sketch of Duhbbs.  I'll post it later.

I think I'm gonna buy a Jug O Rum from the ABC store tonight.  The weather's getting nice.  Means its time to stray from the Whiskey a little bit.  Maybe I'll carry it with me kayaking, and I can feel like a pirate.

I'm so very pleased with myself for mowing the grass yesterday.  Now I can do no chores this weekend. Save for cleaning the house.

That's what I deal with 5 days out of my week.  Pure, unbridled Hell on two legs.

Pandora's got their shit together today.  You get a second chance then, music program.

The weather is awesome today.  I think I may just drink on the front porch after work.  Listen to some podcasts, and drunk Twitter.  Drunk Twittering is awesome, as its like a ongoing report of how drunk you are.  (which, you can follow me @jamofpearls).  And don't message me about how its called "Tweeting"  I refuse to call it that.

I had someone get...I don't want to say mad, necessarily...frustrated may be a better word for it.  The reason: I didn't want to start a weekly poker night.  (It probably didn't help that last week, I told his wife that I didn't want to go to a drive-in movie, as I'm kind of a movie snob.  Not in the type of movies that I like to watch, mind you, just how I watch them.  As in Dolby Digital Surround, Played on DLP Screens.  Not on some sheet, strung up in someone's backyard, while music plays through the speakers of your car.)  I don't care for card games, or most board games.  I don't like remembering all the rules, and it usually gets in the way of my getting drunk on a Friday or Saturday night.  Also, I don't understand why you need a reason to get together to hang out.  Why can't we hang out and talk?  I think some people have an idea of what married, couples or people over thirty are supposed to do together.
I feel like I've never really fit into those predetermined molds.  While everyone else I grew up with was getting married, and having kids, I was moving to Nashville, meeting new people, and going out to bars.  Even now, while those kids are older, and these folks have completely settled into their lives, I feel like I'm still exploring. Not new girl options, mind you, as I'm with Kell fohevahs.  I'm not saying that I'm immature, by any stretch of the imagination.  I pay my bills on time.  I don't do anything really wrong.  But I do like to do things when I want to.

Enough of that for now.  

I love internet shopping.  I think its because I love getting packages in the mail.  Or tracking them.  Something about it is def more fun that physically going to the store.  Maybe its the gamble of whether it will be like you saw it online.

I wish I were friends with Bill Murray.  I feel like we would get along.  Not in a creepy fan way, but in a for real, just talking, joking, hanging around type of way.  Note to self; do not stalk Bill Murray.

Pandora LOVES Bush, like really loves them.  I swear Pandora's played Bush tracks like 15 times already.

I need Blues Brothers to be released on Blu Ray.

I also need to buy Ghostbusters on Blu Ray.

Why can't it be socially accepted to pick your nose?  I feel this needs to be changed.  If you eat your buggers, then you need to be sent to the electric chair.

Lunch Time.

2:11  What about Johnny Cash makes him feel like he's my Grandfather.  I don't know what it is, but I look at a picture of him, or listen to a song of his, and I immediately feel like this guy has taken me fishing or given me a pocket knife.  Grandfather type stuff.
Just look at him.  Wouldn't you love to get life lessons from that guy?

Showed my above illustration to a co-worker.  He loved it.

Pandora, you've lost your job.  iPod, you're up.  

Ice cream was a bad idea.  Its called a Jihad against the taco soup I had for lunch.

Starting to get sleepy.  I think its the temp.  I could straight up nap for an hour right now.

What is it about certain bands that just feel like a certain season.  Counting Crows sound like late fall, early winter.  The Grateful Dead sound like late spring, early summer.  AC/DC feels like summer.  Pearl Jam is the only one I don't really get a season bead on.  Its like some of their stuff feels like fall, some like summer, some like fall & of course some like winter.  Pretty much any punk band feels like summer to me.  Maybe it has something to do with when their albums were released.  Weird.

I hate everyone that has a four door wrangler.  They are literally the only people on the planet that I'm jealous of.

Need to relocate my Verucca Salt 8 arms to hold you album, see if it still holds up from college days.

Looking over the blog.

Yep, that looks good for now.  Maybe some more later.

And now is later.  Mom asked about Easter, but eating...not Church going...Shit then she totally asked about church going.  I mumbled something about folks coming in from out of town fused with a kayak trip.  I think it worked.  She did manage to trick me in to asking Kell to bring a cheesecake.  She's a crafty one, that mom.
This rum is tasting gooooooood.
I may need to sober up a lil bit.  Maybe eat a sammich.


  1. I know pandora and you aren't getting along right now but look on the bright side, at least you both have a common interest... "bush" ;)

    That drawing is so accurate it made my side hurt from laughing! Seriously... question what's the EGGS for?

    4 DooR Wrangler drivers make me mad too... I want us to have 2 of them!

    weekend starts for you in 15 minutes.. it starts for me in a bit longer than that.

    P.S. damn right we're forezzer!

  2. Dunno why, but "EGGS" just fit.


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