Just Gonna Go Out For a Little While....

Always turns out to be ALLLL NIGHT.

Here's how Saturday ran down for me.
6:30 in the morning, my dad calls "Hey, breakfast at 7:30, that OK?"
We go and meet dad, one of my brothers, and one of my sisters for breakfast. Then, afterwards go to Mom and Dad's house for a little while.  Leave.  Run errands.  Come back to the house.  Sleep till about 2.  Get up.  Drink a beer.  Then another.  Get texts back and forth from April about what to do.  Finally call her.  Meet at On The Rocks at about nine.  Kell and I agree that we won't go out that long, just hang at OTR for a bit, and then come home.  Well, April and Kim are running a few minutes behind.  I power down a few more beers.  They arrive.  I drink a few more beers.
They suggest we go to DP's.  We agree.  Kell and I get in April's car, and we head across the river.
I move on to whiskey and diets, as Nan makes them pretty killer, and they're dirt cheap.
I start to get drunk, and text/tweet Sarah Colonna like we're friends.
I suggest we go to a country bar to ride the mechanical bull, and maybe just hit up this other bar for Karaoke.  The mechanical bull bar costs extra at the door, so we choose the karaoke dive also known as Mr. Norm's.
They sell Natural Light.  Which I love.
and then this happens...

I bust out "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC, and kick all sorts of ass.

And the night continues on, and we get some of these pics going...

And I'm really beginning to forget my own name.

Someone suggests we go to the all night diner known as Tourway.  Sure I ate dinner already, but fuck it.
This is the last known photo of me from that evening, before I woke up in my bed on Sunday morning wearing about 1/2 of what I went out in.  Which would be a pic of me with a flower from the table.

Had an awesome time though, for what I remember.  No one parties like thirtysomethings party.


  1. We all rock. I love that a night of mellow hanging out/drinking can turn into a full blow funfest with all of us!


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