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Its 12:24 on Friday.  Pandora is playing grunge, or at least its supposed to, but for some reason Blink 182 is playing.  I click on the "thumbs down", pandora apologizes, and tells me it will find something else that I will like. It plays Incubus.  Fuck.  "thumbs down."  Blind Melon.  I won't "thumbs up", but I won't fast forward either.

I keep trying to write a new blog, but keep deleting it.  I think it comes off as pretentious.  And that's not the way I'm wanting it to sound.  

The rain won't quit today.  

Due to slow business, we're cutting back on some employees hours.  Marvin will no longer come in on Fridays.  And Marie is taking off next Friday.  Which means I'll be stuck with Duhbbs all day long.  I'll have to do my best not to murder her.  She makes it difficult not to do sometimes.  Maybe I'll just slug her.  I can't go to jail for that, right?
I'm digging this new gray polo from the gap.   Fits well.  Don't mind shopping there when I can get polos for 8 dollars.  It works well with my jeans, and vans.  Which I need more of.  Vans that is. I can never have enough.  I would have had a nice collection, had my dog not eaten three pair of them.

That damned printer keeps making noise.  I swear after the last lightning strike, it started cleaning itself.  Presumably because it shit itself.  I imagine if lighting is mildly frightening to us, it must be pants shitting scary for electronics.

Pandora plays Hootie and the Blowfish.  Is there a "fuck no" option?  Damn.  "thumbs down"

Goo Goo Dolls?  Honestly Pandora.  Get it right.  Or I'll cancel yer ass.

My friend Nicole messages me to ask about another friend that we haven't seen in years.  I can't remember the last time I've seen her.  Heard rumors a few years back of her being in an asylum, or something to that effect.  Doesn't every class have someone like that, who just disappears?  

Kell will be here soon, and we can eat lunch.  Which is good, because I'm eye fucking that Snickers bar on my desk right now.  Don't need to be caught with a candybar on my dick though.  Not again.

I hear that when you dream of a house, its represents your brain, then why is mine a rundown downtown place, populated with college age folks that I don't know?  

12:39.  Take a break.

Pandora, you've obviously forgotten what 90s grunge is. 

1:19.  Still Raining.  My yard is probably a swamp right now.  No front porch drinking after work.  It will have to be on the couch.  Hopefully I've got enough whiskey to make it through the night, as I don't care to hit up the liquor store for more Evan Williams Green Label. 
I don't care how cheap it is.  Its tasty when mixed with Diet Dr. Pepper.

Posted a bunch of pics on facebook that most are well over 10 years old.  Not really feeling nastalgic or anything.  Just thought it would be fun to tag and see who responds.  They also make a nice trace of years from about the age of 15-22.  I titled it Old Friends, New Friends and Even a Bear, after the Cleveland Show theme song.  Funny thing is, the "Even a Bear" technically works in one pic.  

Its too bad that Gavin Rossdale couldn't actually write songs that made any sense, as they had a rockin sound.  
Gross, STAIND?  What the hell.  Great, fuck. I can't fast forward.  Hopefully a wandering ear doesn't hear this shit, and think that I'm a fan.  Could really ruin my music reputation.  God damn it.  Oasis.  I can't click "thumbs down" fast enough, my hand may have broke the sound barrier.

Fred's Department Store always smells like someone took a Wild Irish Rose infused shit on every isle.

I guess I can finish reading "A Zombie's History of the United States of America" and that David Sedaris book this weekend.

I need some new websites to visit.  There's like a grand total of 5 that I frequent.  I need a good comedy blog to read.  

I wish I could have a mohawk here at my office.  I think I could still rock that at 32.

The Snickers and left over Mexican food are starting to argue.  Could be violent.

Shortlist of Celebrities I would like to hang out with.  The cast of Mythbusters, & American Pickers.  Sarah Colonna, Whitney Cummings, Jon Stewart, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  I think that would make for a fun party.

I want to do a late night Kayak Run.  Think that would be really fun by moon light.  Must be mindful of creek ghosts.

What is it about stickers?  I'm like a little girl with them.  Bands, Vans and Outdoor brands are my favorite.  I put them on everything.  My Jeep.  Kell's Jeep.  My Kayak, my cell phone, my office window.  Don't know why.  Its free advertising for someone else.  Its not like pearl jam has a sticker on their cars with my face on it.  Although, that would fun.  Maybe I should send Eddie a sticker with me on it, giving thumbs up.  I wonder what's the creepy factor there.

So far, so good.  I haven't been told about Church on Easter Sunday, yet.  Which means I can claim "plausible deniability" to Mom and Dad come Sunday afternoon.  "OOOOOOHHHH, that was this Sunday?"  Which they won't buy for a second.  Makes me feel better though.

Tomorrow is the third saturday of the month, which means I go eat with dad for a few minutes at breakfast.  I like to do it, as its the only thing I really get to do with him.  Downside is that I have to get up at like 6 to go. Which can be hard to do after drinking all night.  

And at 2:18 I think that's a good place to quit for now.  Probably pick back up later after I've had a few glasses of Whiskey & Diet.


  1. Am I going to have to start worrying about you and Sarah Colonna? ;)

    Love the new blog look!

    Church at Easter - you know it's going to happen right? Especially after breakfast this Saturday.

    The bit about the printer - genius!

  2. Dunno, are you going to fuck Ryan Reynolds on a beach towel? Kidding of course.
    I can see Sarah easily fitting in with our friends.
    I'm still playing the "playing dumb" card on Easter. Until its time to eat.


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