Growing Up Hurt and Humiliated. Part 10

As I slipped and fell on my ass in the hallway, it occurred to me that I haven't updated this in a lil bit. So, lets get into embarrassment in school shall we?

In Jr and Sr High, I was the Short, Geek, Dweeb, Spaz, Long Hair, Comic Book Nerd, Metal Fan that none of the girls dreamed of. Until I blossomed in to what I am today. Wakka.
So, naturally in the food chain, I was one of the picked on. And unfortunate things happened...that didn't add to my love of high school, but subtracted from it greatly. One day during English class, a troupe of gigantor rednecks put me head first in the trash can. While the teacher watched...or maybe she cheered on. Its Karma I guess that her husband recently got busted for soliciting a male police officer for sex in the park. And they say God works in mysterious ways. Karma's got that shit down.

Sometimes, I feel that even God him/herself got in on the act of picking on me. During one science class the back of my chair gave out. I fell back wards, and it cut my pants from the top of my back pocket to my knee. Exposing my ass. Not too long afterwards, in the same next desk's legs decided to all go in different directions, sending me once again to the floor. I wasn't a fat kid in school. On the contrary, I weighed in at maybe 90-100 lbs. There has to be a force at work here to make me feel humiliated.

Or maybe it was dudes bigger than I was just liked to kick my ass.

As this blog continues on, we draw closer to the two most clumsy people on the planet. Me and April.


  1. I can't believe anyone would toss you into a trash can, that's horrible. Although I've seen Tammy put a girl in a trash can she was fighting with. This girl deserved it though - you didn't.


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