Friday, July 26, 2013

The Game Room...completed

I've been kind of moving things in and out of this one room in our house since we first moved in.  The room is an extra bedroom, and was considered day one as what ever I want to do with it.

At one point, it was a lounge area, with couches and foosball table.  But that shit was too crowded.  Then it became a catch-all sort of room.  Then, Kell's work out space.  Then my work out space.

I started buying vinyl records again, and since my big ass late 60s record player/piece of furniture was housed in there, it became the music room.

Then I built a gaming PC, and needed it to be near the router.  So, I decided that I would be gaming in that room.

We got new couches, so the old one's moved in, along with a new chair.  Still wasn't right.

Added a rug, some more posters, a new record player and a sort of coffee table.  Getting there.

Got rid of the gaming chair, moved some tables around, adjusted everything into a den like shape.
Now, its perfect.  I've got a larger lcd screen for my gaming PC, records, record player 5.1 surround sound, plenty of seating, action figures, posters and what not.

Its not a man cave.  Cause women are allowed.

Needs a bar, though.