Growing Up Hurt and Humiliated. Part 11

This is a bit of cheating, as I wrote this on another blog a couple of years ago, but reposting it here.

A story so impossible, if it happened to anyone else, you know they would be lying.

Yesterday afternoon I was asked to run some letters up to the post office by one of my bosses. So, I did as he asked. On my way back, I was about to cross the street, I noticed that I had the right of way, and that April Koonce was at one of the red lights. I waved, and she waved, and said hi. As i was saying hi back, all of the sudden...BOP! A chevrolet avalanche popped me in the hip. From what april said, she had stopped, and then decided to go again. I spun around and shouted "WHAT THE HELL?!" I've seen scared faces before, but never have i ever seen someone w/ the fear of god in their eyes. This woman was scared white. I turned back to April and said, "I JUST GOT HIT BY A FUCKING TRUCK!"
Then walked back to my office. April tailed her, and got her license plate. So if i suddenly feel bad, i've got someone to sue.


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