Sweet Sweet Justice

Its hard to sit back, and know that you want to take the highroad, when you're constantly getting run down for no reason.  Whenever you're not around, stories get twisted, comments made, lies told.  You decide not to lower yourself, saying their time will come.  Something will happen to bring them down.  Down to a level you've never sunk to before.  Something that will open eyes.  See where the truth lies.

This dear readers has been a long frustrating road.  One that's seen tears, and anger.  But stayed anger with fake smiles.

The mighty have fallen.  They have been exposed.  And I didn't have to do anything.  I took the high road.  They destroyed themselves.

Finally, I know that the lies, the twisted stories, the forked tongue comments have been silenced, as there's no way in hell they'll be believed ever again.

Its a great day for me.


  1. I told you the high road would pay off eventually. ox

  2. Unfortunately, the HIGH road did not work out so well for them. *Cackles*


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