10 or Below Local Food Review - The On The Rocks Burger

A while back I compiled a list of my top ten under, ten dollars favorite things to eat in and around Florence, Alabama.  They were in no particular order, as I love them all almost identically.  But I thought I would start with my good friend's Bar - On The Rocks.

Their burger to me, is hands down the best around.  I love it.  Its a huge slab of burger, cooked just the way you ask for it.  I like mine med - med rare.  And that's the way it comes out.  Everyone orders theirs' differently, but I like mine with grilled onions, pepper jack cheese and bacon.
If you haven't eaten their burger, or haven't tried it this way, I urge you to do so.
I can't help but rush through mine, as ever second that I'm not tasting that burger, its a damn travesty.
If you combine with their fries or the home made potato chips with an ice cold draft beer, you're gonna be in a very happy place.  And starting at $7.00, what's stopping you from going and getting one right now?



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