Continuing On With My 2013 Overhaul.

As I blogged before, I've done somethings this year that I've never done before (built my own computer) and quit some things I've been kicking around for a while: Facebook, Cable & Nail Biting.
But I really wanted to do more and change more.

1. Explore new bands that I haven't really listened to before.
    A. On Vinyl
    B. From small or local Record Stores.

I've decided to start experimenting with different bands that I've known about, heard great things about, but never really listened to before.  So, I started with Mudhoney and Sleater-Kinney.  Both of which, I've seen open for Pearl Jam.
So, I bought a couple of albums on vinyl...and they had MP3 download codes with them.  Which is a big plus for me, as I like to keep all my tracks on Google Music to be played anywhere.
I fell in love with both Albums.
So, when we were at Grimey's in Nashville, I bought some more Mudhoney (and I Pearl Jam vinyl I've had my eyes out for.).
I could easily go to Amazon and find all of these, or shop at Best Buy and get them.  But why do that, when I can spend money that will stay closer to a family owned place?
I do shop at InSound, but its a small company, so I don't feel too bad, as they're trying to help Indie bands get their music out there.
The one place I'll always go to is Pegasus Records.  I've shopped there forever.  When I was younger, before MP3s were a thing.  Just pouring through looking for some Hendrix track that I somehow never hear or a variation on one that I didn't have.  Same thing with Pearl Jam imports.

2. Sticking it to the man, helping the smaller brewer.

Kell had told me about this documentary she had watched called Brew Wars, and said that I should as well. Anheuser Busch are really working on putting the screws to the smaller brewers.  Mostly by making the same beer the small brewer is doing, All the while, making sure not to put Anheuser Busch anywhere on the labels or boxes to make them seem as though they're produced by a small company.
Now, I don't drink much in the way of A-B anyways, unless its the occasional Natural Light.  Mostly Miller or Coors.  But, as I found out, they're not actively trying to hurt the little guy, but they're not exactly putting out a helping hand.
So now, I'm doing my best to drink independent beers.  Beers that 3/4 of the profit doesn't go to Super Bowl ads.

That's it for now.  I'll continue to update as 2013 progresses and as I try to myself.


  1. Doing our part, little by little to make the world a better place for Mom n' Pop shops!


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