Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can't I just donate?

Why is it every time that I want to be charitable, some organization needs to give me something in return.  Its like the person that can't have the last word.
Its always something that should give you incentive to donate, whether it be your time, money or unwanted goods.
With people asking money for wounded veterans, its some pin for you to wear on your shirt.
The Salvation Army wants to give me receipts for donating things.
United Way wants to give me discount cards or something.
Its nice that they want to do something in return, but I don't find it necessary.  Why can't people just know in their heart of hearts that they did something good with out having to show for it, or get some type of kickback?
Like the ASPCA ads.  For donating, they give you a shirt or visor or something that you'll most likely end up donating to the Salvation Army.
THEN, if you tell them you don't want it, then you're the asshole for not showing off your pin or whatever.
Like those ribbon magnets for cancer.  I understand that they're supposed to make people aware of cancer, but isn't EVERYONE aware of cancer now?  The only folks that aren't, probably live in a village somewhere who have never seen a car, or a car magnet.
This goes for those magnets that say something about being against "Domestic Violence".  Is anyone for domestic violence?  I mean, save for most of the arrests on COPS.
I seems like so much of this shit just seems so unnecessary.

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  1. agreed - and if this stuff we are given doesn't go into the Salvation Army or Goodwill it gets carted off to the landfill thus causing another issue where we need to save the environment, donate for that and then get a free pen.

    Giving for the sake of giving is all it needs to be :)