I'm that guy now. Tales from an Android

I got my first cell phone when I was 16.  Although, it was a bag phone that was left in the car from a previous owner.  He never really deactivated it, so I was able to use it for a little while.

I didn't get an official one for another 6 years.  Didn't see the point.  But I was living in Nashville at the time, and figured it may be a little easier to get in contact with me.  It was a Cricket phone.  Which meant, the coverage was very local.  Which was all I needed it for.

When I moved back from Nashville, my parents put me on their family plan, as it was cheaper to pay an extra 10 dollars a month, then use up their minutes calling me or whatever.  I stayed on that plan until the beginning of January, as it was free, and I didn't need a new phone.

Kell and I got married, and my phone was starting to get rough.  As in the front didn't display anything anymore, and some of the keys stopped working.  Being a grown man, and married with a shitty phone, I decided it was time to get off my parents' phone plan.  I decided to get an Android phone.  I got the Samsung Stratosphere.  And I love it.

I didn't think I would mess with it that much.  Check email.  Get directions.  that sort of thing.  I was wrong.  

I'm updating Twitter, checking face book, playing Words & Hanging with friends all the time.  Constantly downloading unnecessary apps.  Its replaced my iPod, which I never thought would happen.  
I check the weather, play Angry Birds, stream my music, scan prices, do all sorts of inane shit that I wouldn't normally do, just because its there, and hell...its actually kind of fun.

If I want to see who is online playing on the PSN network...instead of turning on the PS3, i turn on my PSN friends app, and see who is on, and what they're playing.  Then, fire up the PS3.

Texting is sooooo freakin easy now, with SWYPE.  I'll never go back to one key at a time.

I've become that guy.  I love my Android.  


  1. I've been meaning to talk to you about this.. I think I need to stage an intervention for you and your phone ;) you're seeing too much of each other.

    I'm really anxious to get my phone. I can't wait.


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