Need to Get Out of Here

Been daydreaming a lot lately of spring time.  The winter hasn't even been that bad.  I don't know what it is.  I do know that I'm very ready for Kayaking and Camping, some daytime patio drinking as well.

I'm really really wanting to go to the French Quarter and eat & drink my way through.  I love walking around down there during the day time when the weather is nice.  190 Octanes and a great restaurant on every corner.

I've also been thinking about traveling over to the delta for the same purposes.  Eating and drinking.  I really like the concept of just walking around with a drink in hand, with multiple choices for bars and restaurants to pop in and out of.  It gets me all sorts of excited.

Its like when I go on vacation, I couldn't care less about buying a bunch of stuff, but get really happy at the thought of dinners and cold beers and other alcoholic beverages.

I think if the weather is nice this weekend, it may be fun to pull the furniture off my front porch into the yard, sit with a cooler and a book, just enjoy it.


  1. sounds like plan - and the weather is supposed to be nice :)


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