Why 2013 May be a Banner Year

So far with 2013, I'm pretty happy with the way its turning out.  I'm doing things I've never done, and accomplishing tasks that I thought were impossible.

1. Cut cable.  This has been a much easier transition than I ever would have thought.  Currently I'm not missing it at all.  Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and local channels are making it quite easy.

2. Built my own gaming PC.  Something I figured I could do, but never tried.  So far, I'm loving it as both a gaming pc and media center.

3. Quit biting my nails.  This has been harder than quitting smoking, believe it or not.  But I'm making a damn hard effort not to start again.  The hardest times are during movies and car rides.

4. Leaving Facebook.  I got really tired of logging on and seeing dumb ass political post after dumb ass political post.  It was stressing me out just a little.  And I should never let something as dumb as a website get to me.  Then there's the whole tax thing, and the lack of them having to pay.  I haven't been able to quit Facebook completely, due to so many pages across the web having their log ins tied back to my Facebook profile.  But I haven't posted or viewed the timelines in over a week.  I did take off all likes, and disable everything I could.

5. Repaired an HDTV.  This one turned out to be much simpler than I ever thought.  We had one go bad.  I looked into what could be wrong, bought the parts online (spent about 6 dollars), and fixed it.  Saved myself about $200 in repairs.

6. Started recycling.  Another one of those things that's actually been much easier than I would have thought. I called the Florence City Recycling Center and inquired about their recycle bins, and the cost.  They said no cost, and even delivered to the house.  All I have to do is take it to the curb on Thursdays.

Now, I have some upcoming things that I want to do to continue to make 2013 an engaging year.

1. Catch up on my reading.  I need to finish/start the following:
    A. The Pearl Jam book Kell bought for me.
    B. Into the Wild.
    C. The other Bourdain books I haven't gotten to.
    D. The Nikki Sixx book our friends got us and the other one he lent to us.

2. I want to paint the shutters.  I hate the green they are, and I think I gray would look pretty awesome against the faded yellow of our house.

3. Maybe build a headboard for our bed out of old doors.  One of those things I don't know how to go about doing, but I'm sure I'll figure out.

4. Get back to riding my bicycle.  I really did enjoy that in the mornings and afternoons to/from work.  Too bad I bent the rim, flattened the tire and broke one of the pedals on my last ride.

5. Lose weight should be in there somewhere, but I haven't quite figured that one out yet.  


  1. I am so amazed by all we've done and all you've accomplished to help bring down you cost of living and benefit it even more!

    As for the weight loss - we'll do this together. I need to as well. We need a plan.

    Your Bike - you know after driving back from the bank today, I went the back way behind the bicycle store downtown - they have a TON of scrap bikes laying down in the back alley, maybe stopping in to see about purchasing scrap might be something you can see about doing for your bike. OR inquiring about how much they charge to fix it. The heap out back I think is just scraps for building and repairing.

    Shutters - Gray would be nice, especially since it would blend/match the foundation.

    Headboard - let's get the bed back together this weekend, then we can search for doors.

    1. Yeah, I keep meaning to go by there, and keep forgetting about it.


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